Boojee, Bad Dreams, Roosters, and Varicose Veins – A perfect storm.

I just opened the Keep Notes App and have to gather my thoughts. This is where I come to thumb out the words when I have an important idea to capture, or experience to convey in writing, or if I need dryer sheets at Walmart, getting my points, meanings, and grocery lists together. It’s notContinue reading “Boojee, Bad Dreams, Roosters, and Varicose Veins – A perfect storm.”

The Snake and Chicken Half Marathon

Never a dull moment for me, I go from can to can’t… Some days I do that before 1pm. Today is one of them … I found my eggs all scattered and knew something was wrong. Next thing I knew I was eye to eye with a six foot snake big around as the endContinue reading “The Snake and Chicken Half Marathon”

The Chihuahua Chicken Chase – A Mostly True Recollection.

    Some while ago I had to chase Ricky Ricardo, my beloved chihuahua, who was pursuing one of our chickens over mountains, through valleys, down streams and then back up streams and the same mountain to eventually find my chicken in a stream bank hole actively being plucked, a mouthful of feathers at aContinue reading “The Chihuahua Chicken Chase – A Mostly True Recollection.”