Prayer for Girding in Truth during Spiritual Warfare

Spring 083

Dear Heavenly Father,

Your truth is my truth. Remind me to look in Your Scriptures for all the answers to all the questions in my life. Help me to focus on what Your Word says about my situation, not how I feel about it. In every situation I must put it under the light of Your Word and I pray you show me the path You have prelit for me. Gird me in Your truth so I can be confident in all future actions I must take.

Please God help me stay aligned with Your true standard, Your Word, and Your truth which is the core of my existence. Teach me Your character and Your purpose. Give me a tangible belt of truth that holds me upright in all life’s trials, questions, situations, and relationships. Help me memorize Your Word and know You and who I am in You so that I can receive divine favor and wisdom. Please don’t let me be injury prone or over sensitive.

Dear God please help me not be trapped by “How I feel”. Please God don’t let the devil distort the facts in my mind. Thank You that I am a recipient of Your grace Lord and as Your child I will become more like you each day. I will then extend grace to others.

Thank you God that I am a strong child of Yours not lead by various impulses but held steady and strong by Your belt of truth. Thank you God that I can move freely and don’t have to carry my own righteousness. I will hold steady in your non-negotiable ways.

Dear Lord give me the courage to hold it as a banner over my life. “This is the way, walk in it.” Isaiah 30:21

Continue to study Ephesians 6:10-20. I really enjoyed Pricilla Shirer’s, The Armor of God, Bible study. This was my second prayer strategy I developed after week two on the belt of truth. So many valuable lessons I encourage you to check it out.

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