Youth Revolution from Within

In some of our homeschool studies we came across this little gem speaking on the life of Apostle Paul. I read it to the boys a couple times. Peter H. Davids wrote: “Paul did in the end create a revolution, not one from without, but one from within, in which a changed heart produced changedContinue reading “Youth Revolution from Within”

The Chihuahua Chicken Chase – A Mostly True Recollection.

    Some while ago I had to chase Ricky Ricardo, my beloved chihuahua, who was pursuing one of our chickens over mountains, through valleys, down streams and then back up streams and the same mountain to eventually find my chicken in a stream bank hole actively being plucked, a mouthful of feathers at aContinue reading “The Chihuahua Chicken Chase – A Mostly True Recollection.”

Thank You God for this bad day…

I shared this seven years ago on social media. It is a perspective of those things we do not understand that is worthy of getting a hypothetical glimpse. “Why me Lord?”, is so much more than we can understand. We just have to thank Him in all things and trust Him in all situations andContinue reading “Thank You God for this bad day…”

Hey there! Let’s say a little prayer…

Dear Lord, As I set out on this journey to capture a few of my thoughts in this format, I pray for You to please let the things I say here be of some value… if it is good, happy, sad, encouraging, or even kinda funny, may it always be in alignment with Your heartContinue reading “Hey there! Let’s say a little prayer…”