What Unemployment in America should look like…

This is what unemployment should look like in America. Do what you know how to do even if it’s hard, don’t wait for the government to fix things.

Chris lost his big consulting job in April. Many of you know that, it is no big secret. He has had numerous opportunities show up and for one reason or another never work out. We have been married for almost 20 years and he has never NOT been able to find a job in his field. It is a direct result of all the shutdowns because of COVID19, company hiring freezes, travel restrictions, and that is okay because our hope is not in what our country is doing for us, our hope is in God’s plan and what our country allows for us to do for ourselves.

Chris has many talents, not only in banking, systems architecture and security, but in mechanics, woodworking, remodeling, and I can run my mouth and type big long exposés. So here we are working to keep things together, with what we know how to do.

God has this planned out already, whatever it is. I am so thankful for our first real client, a complete stranger, who reached out to buy one of our coops, the day we posted our ad.

This song came on the radio while we were working on staining our the wood for our first coop sale. I was almost in tears when I made this quick video. Overwhelmed with heat and exhaustion, and so very grateful for the freedom we have to make something out of nothing. I still very much love my country and have hope for her future as well as ours. God is in control and to Him all glory will be given.

So in conclusion, I love Jesus, my husband, my kids, America, 80s music, chickens, goats, turkeys and please buy a chicken coop and/or tell your friends. Like our page on FB: Chris’s Chicken Coops and Farm Furniture or follow us on Instagram at Wilson’s Chicken Coops.

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