The Umbrella Policy

Our Pastor, Ebb Fox, talked to us about Acts 27 where a very real and present danger was being lived out on a ship with a bunch of non-believers and one confirmed believer. God was in that storm, on that doomed ship with a prisoner, the Apostle Paul.

As it turned out, because God had a plan for Paul, everyone else on that ship got a life insurance policy, an umbrella policy as a matter of fact. All was lost but not one life. After such an event some of those lives were likely saved beyond physically but also spiritually by gaining understanding of true salvation. If an unbeliever keeps company with a believer who is walking in obedience with God, the truth may protect them too, no matter how messy and doomed that life appears, for a while.

I pray for the believers to always be a light for non-believers, especially in all these ugly hate filled storms around us right now. I pray that if there is a non believer that needs to know God’s truth they don’t get out from under the umbrella God has provided for the believer without acknowledgement of His saving grace.

America was built by God’s people who were on a mission. If that gets torn down the mission is gone and what we are left with works out fine for the believer in the end but sadly not for those who have no faith. God hasn’t blown the final horn. Are you holding the umbrella or just standing under it?

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