A Fall in the Garden (not that garden)

Dear Diary,

Life is full of lessons. Some you really don’t even want to know. I learned never to hang the gate hooks on the fence like this… and if I do then NEVER touch or lean on any part of the fence, NOT EVEN those parts that don’t have electric wire on them. This may include the neighbors fence, I’m not sure but am taking no chances.


I fell in the garden, yes full on fell down, face in the ground, laid out. I tripped over some electric wire. The same wire I trip over everyday, I just don’t usually fall there.The only injury, fortunately and sadly, was the death of three green bean and two corn plants.

I promptly got to my feet and went to lean on the fence to catch my breath and composure and shockingly found myself being electrocuted from elbow to armpit, across my chest, then to other armpit and elbow. This portion of fence has not one electric wire crossing it but I can say with certainty that looking in the direction of the chicken run from the garden the electric current does in fact run from left to right in about 2 second pulses that would cause an 1800 pound buffalo to jump away.

I do not remember exactly but I must have screamed, “Why??? Why is this happening?!!??!!…”

Chris, who had been standing by silently watching all this unfold, answered in his monotone way, “because you hung the gate hooks on the fence”. 😶


Oh how I love his no nonsense ways. That strong silent type that never reacts but waits to see what is the best course of action that will afford him the most impact and least amount of effort. He only speaks if spoken too and that includes questions in the midst of great conflict. I could tell he was looking to see if I was going to cry. Which made me want to hug him and knock his tractor supply hat off his head all in the same emotions. He handed me a water bottle and we carried on to dig out the goats stall. Nothing ever spoke of again.

My check lists for the day include:

☑️ verified my agility is lacking but my ability to fall safely is STILL up to par.
☑️the yearly heart check has been accomplished… Yet again.
☑️Electric fence certification all updated and current. No pun intended.
☑️I love my husband so much.



Here is my dear husband, Chris, in his usual observational perch with the ever present Tractor Supply Hat on his head. He is with Elly May, our fainting goat who had just had one of her “spells” or “blow outs” as Chris calls them.


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