Missing the Boat

Nothing grabs my attention like a post such as this. The gravity of it, just as it is defined as that extreme or alarming importance. I remember when Christopher was a toddler, it dawned on me that as I was teaching him to point at his eyes, nose, mouth and we sang songs of farm animals and what they said, I had not really spoke to him of God, or His son Jesus or that love that was so very important to know. He was probably two. Sure, we said prayers at bedtime, the exact same prayers my mom had said with me, but the rest of the day not one mention. We did not have a church home but Chris and I loved the Lord, we had given our hearts to Jesus, been baptized and we gave Him credit ‘were credit was due’ but honestly that was the extent of it.

I have since that day, with the leadership and guidance of the Holy Spirit and my Godly husband, purposed that our boys have a real and personal exposure to a walk with Jesus. A full time seeking, and messing up, and repentant relationship with the one true God. The childhood’s both Chris and I had are so very different from what our boys have experienced. They are different teenagers than Chris and I were because of it.

Oddly it is never a routine that is easy to keep at or take for granted, it has to be purposed in your heart, it has to be always an outward display of an inward change or one might become stagnant or a bad witness. I don’t want complacency or staleness to creep in to our home and the relationships we are all cultivating with God. The older and more independent they get, the bigger the upcoming stakes and mistakes and the more chance for the devil to talk them off that boat.

This school year my hope and prayer as the boy’s teacher and proctor is to be in a constant state of re-focusing our plans, activities, and lessons each day to God’s plans, activities, and lessons for their current and future relationship with Him. They are my most important mission right now and if I have a breath left in my body, or even a snap and point left in my hand, they will not miss that boat.

Thank you God for the Holy Spirit that guides us, Your word that teaches us, and Your salvation and grace that restores us new again and again. Thank you too for the blessing of a new homeschool year and this community of believers you have planted our family firmly in. Amen

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