A Reminder from a Friend

I am blessed with so many precious friendships. I am truly thankful to God for the relationships he has planted firmly in my life. I love getting that surprise message from a dear friend with an encouraging word and recently that encouragement came through a song (Thank you LT – you get me, I love this, & I love you). I’m sharing it here as I have already forwarded along to many other friends. The words are timely. They are for me. They are for you.

Always Remember

by Christy Nockles

Hey there beautiful one, you there shining with glory
Would you let your heart hear, if I sang about you
Did you know that every fairy tale you love
They have borrowed your story
Of a maiden so lovely, and her hero so true

It’s just that this world is hollow
And it wants to swallow
Any memory of who you really are

Always remember to never forget
When you look in the mirror, the answer is yes
Yes you are pure as gold, yes you are beautiful
So always remember to never forget
(Always remember to never forget)

Like a treasure in the deep, your heart is a diamond
And your hero will do what it takes to find it
So he can hold it tenderly, and become your defender
Even lay down his life, to make your heart his

It’s just that this world is broken
And it wants to hold back
Any evidence of, that kind of love

My darling your light, his favorite parade
On a bright sunny day, in the middle of the mossy
forest you’ll dance in your favorite dress
And oh he loves when you never forget

So always remember to never forget
So always remember to never, baby never forget.

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